Why Landline is Still Vital to Your Business

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Quality Counts

A landline provides you with a clear crisp connection, 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry about constant buzzing, and wondering whether your customer cans you hear you.


Dropping calls is dropping sales 

Dropping calls to friends and family is frustrating at the best of times, but dropping a business call could be disastrous. With a landline you are guaranteed a reliable line of communication with your customers at all times.


Never miss a sale again 

It doesn’t matter how good your organisations products and services are if you don’t have an open line of communication with your customers. Although a lot of business and sales are now done online, there are still plenty of people who prefer to make enquires over the phone. Therefore, the lack of a landline telephone system could be causing your business to miss out on valuable sales opportunities.


Landlines are lifesavers 

Having a landline could be a life saver in an emergency for two reasons;

Firstly, mobile phone systems cannot compete with the accuracy and dependability of a landline connection. Calling from a landline allows emergency services to pinpoint your location exactly as your address will automatically displays on their screens. Allowing emergency personnel to reach you as quickly as possible.

Secondly, knowing where the phone is during an emergency is highly important. The time it takes to find a mobile can feel like an eternity when time is critical. Especially if your phone is out of battery or struggling to receive reception. Therefore, an established landline connection is your best option during an emergency.



A common misconception with mobile users is that their calls are secure. However, in fact many mobile phones operate on radio frequencies that can be easily intercepted. Criminals use simple devices, such as scanners or other mobile devices to intercept and listen in on your wireless calls. This can put you and your clients’ confidential information at risk. However, with a landline you have much greater privacy.


Creates the illusion of size

Perception is reality, and the reality is that many customers associate landline numbers with size and trustworthiness. This is the major downfall of many small businesses that opt to do business over a mobile device, as customers perceive them to be small and unreliable when in reality they are perfectly credible.

Not only are landline connections excellent in terms of reliability and quality, they also make a statement about the business. And if you still like to do business over a mobile phone you can always set up call forwarding which creates the illusion of size, but with all the benefits of a mobile.


Landlines make call recording possible 

Having a landline telephone system allows your business to set up a call recording facility which can be invaluable in two ways;

Firstly, call recording allows you to keep a record of any details you may have forgotten to write down or lose after the phone call which would otherwise be lost forever. This saves time and resources associate with pestering customers with follow up calls.

Secondly, call recording systems for SMEs with limited legal resources is invaluable as being able to record and log calls will protect your organisation should a dispute occur.