VOIP Phone Systems in Northern Ireland

Many business owners in Northern Ireland will have heard of the term "VOIP". This is true if they are familiar with the world of Telecoms, or are familiar with the advantages of having Fibre Broadband.

Here at Fenix Solutions we receive many requests from small businesses as to what are the best choices of VOIP phone systems for their business.

Just before we explain exactly what VOIP options are best, it is worth just a few seconds of your time to understand exactly what VOIP means, and what implications it can have for your business. Like any product there are always advantages and disadvantages.

What Is VOIP?

The term VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is simply a software-based technology which allows businesses to make telephone calls using a broadband internet connection, rather than through traditional phone lines.

When a business has a VOIP Phone system installed that means it can be used with a variety of different devices to make and receive calls.

These include a physical IP desk phone, a desktop computer or laptop, and smart mobile devices.

Understanding VOIP Phone Systems from Fenix Solutions

The bottom line for any business is to have a secure, high quality and reliable phone service so as they can get on with running their business.

Different businesses in N.Ireland will also require different features and that will vary depending on the specific nature of the business.

With Fenix Solutions you are assured of:

  • Reliable service with full 24/7 support and training
  • An end-to-end single solution
  • Powerful call handling features
  • Virtual conference room
  • Fixed and mobile telephony solutions
  • Solutions for mobile and home workers
  • Multi-language auto attendant
  • Personal call routing
  • Future proof and feature rich
  • Call Recording

Most importantly though we are a company based in Belfast with customers across N.Ireland. That means we are one phone call away and no need to wait on going through any queues in Call Centres.

For our Hosted VOIP phone systems we have partnered with Ericsson- LG, one of the leading telephone supplier brands in the world. They are a highly trusted brand who have invested many millions in telephony technology.

In other words we can bring Global leading technology, fully supported on the ground by Fenix to businesses in N.Ireland.

Advantages of VOIP Hosted Phone Systems

  • VOIP Hosted systems are much more flexible in terms of adding handsets or removing them
  • Allow the end user to have full control over which features each individual user may have
  • Calls are cheaper to make when compared to calls made over analogue lines
  • Call recording with Fenix Solutions on VOIP is built in and free of charge
  • The initial setup costs are generally less than installing a traditional phone system
  • You can have your own business phone number at any location you choose within the UK
  • VOIP Phone Systems have many features built in that you would normally have to pay for with a traditional system such as video conferencing

Disadvantages of VOIP

  • The system depends on the reliability and bandwidth of the Fibre Broadband in the customer's premises - that also means if the Broadband goes down, then so does the VOIP phone system. This can be avoided by having a back up of analogue lines.
  • With a weak Broadband calls may suffer from latency and we would not recommend VOIP if the Broadband is poor quality.

Is a VOIP Phone System the Right Choice for Your Business?

The reality is that if you have a reliable Broadband with good bandwidth then a VOIP Hosted phone system should certainly be considered.

If the location of your business in N.Ireland does not allow you to get Fibre Broadband, then we would highly recommend that you go with a traditional phone system.

We have changed over many businesses in N.Ireland to a Hosted VOIP phone system.

This does allow those companies to have a whole range of calling features, greater flexibility in adding and removing handsets, and almost always saves them money when compared to other more traditional options.

If you would like to find out more about how VOIP Hosted Systems work, then please feel free to give us a call on the phone number below. An account manager will call you back and offer you the best advice that we can.

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