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Many businesses have started to properly use video conferencing as a means of communicating with their employees, suppliers and customers. There are many advantages in using video conferencing but the key ones are that it is quick and easy to set up a video conference, and it saves time and money on travel costs and expenses.

Video conferencing is also an extremely useful tool for employees working in the field or working from home.

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Audio Conferencing vs Video Conferencing vs Web Conferencing

There can be confusion between audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing so we want to explain those as it is important to avoid any confusion.

  • Audio Conferencing - the simplest way to understand this is that this service is audio only. You can not share screens, or see faces  it is an audio only call setup for multiple people. It is also the cheapest solution.
  • Video Conferencing - this is a service where you can communicate face to face in a live environment as if your were in a meeting. You will be able to see and communicate with other people on the call. Video conferencing systems require installation of special client applications or equipment, and can work without any Internet connection. 
  • Web Conferencing - it is very similar to video conferencing but is mainly used for presentation styles such as webinars, training and delivering larger amounts of information. You connect through an Internet browser. 

On this page we are explaining what video conferencing options we offer.

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Video Conferencing Services Explained

Connect face to face with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Our conference call services allow you to have groups of people join in on a video style phone call at one time.

Video conferencing is a very useful tool for collaboration for any type of business. It is the best solution for online meetings where you need to share information with people who may be in different locations.

Our video conferencing services allows anyone to connect to the conference from any location where they have Internet connectivity. That could include those people based in the office, people working from home, or people who are out and about.

As part of the b4b Group we have partnered with LogMeIn who are a world leader in conferencing of all types.

Video Conference Types

Fenix Solutions offer a choice of video conference options and we have explained those below.

  • Quick Set Up One Click Meetings
  • Turnkey Room Equipment
  • Webinars for Business

One Click Meetings

This is the most popular choice and is a conference where your business can use your webcam to host high definition video conferences and meet face-to-face with meeting participants. 

  • With our service you can share your screen or pass control to your participants to collaborate
  • You can use web audio to connect to meetings over the Internet. No telephone required though you can also dial in if that is required
  • Your business can host as many meetings you’d like and there is no time limit on a meeting
  • Those on the conference have an "always on" chat and presence
  • Your business can also create a custom meeting link that never changes so you can schedule and attend meetings with ease
  • There are many other features available and the price changes slightly depending on the number of participants and the exact features that you want.

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Turnkey Room Equipment

dolby conference room equipment

Some businesses prefer this turnkey room option.

This allows your business to turn a conference room or any meeting room into a collaborative workspace. This is achieved by adding a video conferencing option to the room.

As well as the video conferencing service you will also need the right devices such as speakers and hardware to get started quickly. Our engineers can install and maintain these to give your video conferencing room a highly professional video conferencing setup.

We use GoToRoom from our partners LogMeIn. With this service you get Dolby Voice. This is a high quality hardware and software bundle that ensures your meetings are professional.

You can get together quickly, share content instantly and bridge distance across the globe effortlessly – all with GoToRoom and Dolby Voice.

Our engineers can have this equipment installed in 15-30 minutes

Webinars for Business

This option is best suited for larger style events such as major product launches or the launch of a new service or event. We use GoToWebinar as our partners and they host over 2.7 million webinars a year, so a highly experienced and trusted leader in online events.

  • GoToWebinar is a quick and easy event management tool
  • Our webinar conferencing service can include a range of features such as surveys, live polling, and Q&A to participants
  • Your business can easily gather data on attendees and overall performance information
  • This webinar software can also send out automatic invitations and follow up emails

Webinars can be used for many business purposes including lead generation marketing, training employees and customers and for internal meetings and presentations to multiple locations.

Video Conference Business Benefits

  • Cost effective - Rather than paying for expensive business trips many tasks and projects can be quickly progressed by a video conference. That helps save your business money and time on travelling and travel expenses
  • Easy to setup and use - Video conferencing setup of is easy, and gives a professional look for your business
  • Business efficiency - write this section from here video conferencing speeds up processes that can get delayed by busy business calendars and diaries. Quick phone calls with the right people can instantly move things along
  • Secure Calls - Your call is safe and private and can also be recorded for future reference.

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of fully accredited and trained engineers
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading providers in all communication fields
  • Communication specialists in Audio, Video and Web Conferencing services