Unified Communications for Northern Ireland Businesses

Here at Fenix Solutions. our Unified Communications (UC) Solutions are designed for small and medium enterprises in Northern Ireland. Take a look at all of our Unified Communications Solutions below to see how we can help your business.

Unified Comms (UC) is simply a collective name that is given to combining all of the communications for your business. So if you are starting a business, moving premises, growing or down sizing the needs of your business will be slightly different.

Likewise the type of business will also determine what your telephone needs will be.

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Video Explaining Unified Communications (UC)

Below you will find a video from Fenix Solutions and LG Ericsson, that explains the benefits of UC. It is a short video, but one that is worth watching.

Phone Solutions By Number of Employees

A very good way to find the right telephone system to suit your business, is to do this by using the number of people you employ in your business. When you are doing this remember to include office based employees, employees out in the field, and those who may work between a desk and the field. 

You should also include any home workers, or those who work at home and in the office.

By using the number of employees, you can be sure that each employee has the perfect type of communication that allows them to be effective and efficient for your business.

Phone Solutions For New, Moving or Multi-Site Businesses

When setting up a new business or moving premises it is always a great time to review your telephone requirements. Getting the right business phone set up is important for your communication with your customers.

It is important to match those requirements to your own internal communication needs, and get the perfect tailored solution for your business requirements.

Likewise if you have a number of sites in N.Ireland, Ireland or the UK, then we have the perfect solution for those needs.

Phone Solutions, Maintenance & Back Up for Businesses

No phone solution is complete without the ability to support and maintain that system. It is always important to have a back up, maintenance and a number that you can call if something happens. Check out our business options below on business continuity, maintenance and what we can do for your mobile workers.

As a business in NI, we here at Fenix also think it is important that you have great support from installation and all the way through to the normal day to day running of your business. We provide a local and friendly customer service that is always just a single phone call away, with no queues and real people to speak to.