Telephone System Software

Almost every business will have some form of telephone system. It will be one of three types:

  1. An on-premise phone system
  2. A hosted (cloud) phone system
  3. A hybrid phone system (On-premise but cloud compatible)

All of these phone systems come with a range of standard features. Those features allow your business to make and receive calls. They also allow for the transferring of calls, and to set up useful solutions such as an out of hours message, hunt groups etc.

This type of business set-up is really all part of the phone system, and the features you have on that system, really will depend on the type of system and how old the phone system is.  A new state of the art VOIP phone system is going to have a lot more features than a 10-20 year old Panasonic or Nortel system.

What is Telephone System Software?

Telephone system software is a set of applications that allow you to make more use of your telephone system. This software includes:

  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • Mobile applications - these integrate your company mobiles to work as the same as an office extension
  • Soft phones - having a phone on the screen of your PC or laptop
  • CRM Integration - a lot of businesses use "customer relationship management systems" - there is software available that can integrate that CRM system into your phone system
  • Click to Dial - making a phone call with a click of a button
  • Marketing on Hold - this allows you to play a specific message to any customer who is waiting on hold in your phone system

We have shown just below the various software available for phone systems. Please click on the one that you would like to find out about in more detail.

Call Recording

Call recording allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls. This is very useful to help resolve customer disputes, and also for staff training.

telephone system call recording

Call Reporting

Call reporting can be very important to help you run your business more efficiently. It ranges from simple basic reporting to more detailed reporting.

call analysis for phone systems

Mobile Application

Software can be installed that allows your business mobiles to perform and operate as if they were an extension in the office. Useful for those in and out of the office.

mobile working

Soft Phones

These are a PC application that
integrates the voice communications capabilities with communications
aware applications on your PC

telephone system call recording

CRM Integration

Most CRM systems can be integrated with a telephone system. This can vary across the industry, so it is worth examining if your CRM can be used.

call analysis for phone systems

Click to Dial

Click to dial from Outlook, screen pop your CRM system, see your teams presence and easily transfer calls all from your Windows desktop.

mobile working

Unified Comms

If you would like to find out more about any of our telephone services shown above, then please give us a call on the number below.