Audio Conferencing Services from Fenix Solutions

Many businesses use audio conferencing as a means of communicating with their employees, suppliers and customers. There are many advantages in using audio conferencing but the key ones are that it is quick and easy to set up a call, and it saves money and time on travel costs and expenses.

Audio conferencing is also an extremely useful tool for employees working in the field or working from home.

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Audio Conferencing vs Video Conferencing vs Web Conferencing

There can be confusion between audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing so we want to explain those as it is important to avoid any confusion.

  • Audio Conferencing - the simplest way to understand this is that this service is audio only. You can not share screens, or see faces  it is an audio only call setup for multiple people.
  • Video Conferencing - this is a service where you can communicate face to face in a live environment as if your were in a meeting. You will be able to see and communicate with other people on the call. Video conferencing systems require installation of special client applications or equipment, and can work without any Internet connection. 
  • Web Conferencing - it is very similar to video conferencing but is mainly used for presentation styles such as webinars, training and delivering larger amounts of information. You connect through an Internet browser. 

On this page we are explaining what audio conferencing options we offer.

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Audio Conferencing Services Explained

Connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Our conference call services allow you to have groups of people join in on a single phone call at one time.

Many of today's business phone systems include some type of audio conferencing services.

However, your business can also set up a separate conference calling service. This audio conferencing service will work with your phone system, and also allow others to dial in from other locations in other offices, for people on the road or people working from home.

In our Fenix Solution's audio conference setup all participants simply dial into a local number that your business has been allocated.

Each caller is then prompted for a host or participant access code. Depending on how you want to set up the service, callers are either placed immediately in the meeting room, or put on hold until the meeting's host enters the call.

You can call us on the number below to find out to quickly and easily set up an audio conference call.

Our Audio Conference Features

  • Can be used in 65+ countries if you need to include International callers
  • 10,000+ locations served
  • Access to our portal where you can set up how you want to manage the call and set your preferences
  • Calls can be recorded
  • Excellent crystal clear HD audio
  • Low cost setup and charges
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Audio Conference Business Benefits

  • Cost effective - Rather than paying for expensive business trips many tasks and projects can be quickly progressed by an audio conference call. That helps save money and time on travelling and travel expenses
  • Easy to setup and use - With our portal, the setup of a call is easy, and you can set how you want the call to be handles. After that it is a simple dial in process for participants to a local Northern Ireland telephone number
  • Business efficiency - audio conferencing speeds up processes that can get delayed by busy business calendars and diaries. Quick phone calls with the right people can instantly move things along
  • Secure Calls - Your call is safe and private and can also be recorded for future reference.

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of fully accredited and trained engineers
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading providers in all communication fields
  • Communication specialists in Audio, Video and Web Conferencing services