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Which Phone System is Best for Your Business?

There are three types of telephone system and these are known as:

On-Premise Phone System

Hosted (Cloud) VOIP PBX Phone System

Hybrid Phone Systems

Just below we explain what these are, and the key differences between them.

On Premise Phone Systems

  • With a traditional phone system all of the equipment is located within the customer premises
  • The license software of the phone system sits behind the business firewall and the business pays for the power to run the system
  • The main reason a business wants a traditional phone system is because they are responsible for the security of the data
  • Most businesses either buy these outright, or lease them through a Finance company

Hosted Phone Systems

  • A Hosted phone system is also known as a Cloud or VOIP phone system
  • Each extension uses a license and all of the equipment (apart from the handsets) sits in the Cloud
  • That means a third party pays for the power, license upgrades and maintenance of the system
  • All calls are routed through a Broadband or Leased Line connection

Hybrid Phone Systems

  • A Hybrid phone system is a combination of an on-premise system but the lines and calls are made using the SIP network
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the network replacement for ISDN lines
  • The system is located on the customer's premises and all the extension handsets are digital
  • All calls are routed through a Broadband or Leased Line connection
  • This system is also "Cloud Ready" should the customer wish to transition to the Cloud at some time

Most businesses are now moving to the Cloud as their preferred option. A "Cloud" system is more flexible and is also the preferred solution for any business with multiple sites.

Businesses that are highly regulated prefer to have an on-premise phone system where they have full control over corporate information and customer data.

For over 30 years, Fenix Solutions has helped Northern Ireland businesses make the best decision for their business type. We work very closely with our suppliers so as we can help your business improve productivity, leverage exceptional customer service and reduce costs.

Hosted PBX from Fenix Solutions

As we mentioned earlier, most businesses are now taking the opportunity to move to the cloud. We have partnered with Lg Ericsson, who are an award winning telephone company, to bring what we believe to be one of the best Cloud PBX systems on the Northern Ireland market.

These systems are referred to by many different names such as Cloud Phone System, Hosted Phone System, Hosted PBX etc.

The actual telephone switch sits in the "Cloud" and not on the customer's premises. Each office extension has a license associated with it, and these extensions are connected to a switch, with the switch being connected back to the router and modem

A call bundle is then shared among all of the extensions.

lg cloud extension phone

What On Premise Telephone Systems do we Offer?

We offer three leading brands which are Ericsson-LG, Avaya and Panasonic



Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a global leader in providing business phone systems.

We offer two systems which are called

  1. LG-EMG80
  2. LG-UCP100

The EMG80 is perfect for any business with up to 50 extensions

The UCP100 is perfect for larger businesses with more than 50 extensions.



Avaya is a recognised innovator leading of business communications for the digital age.

They have a lot of legacy phone systems in N.Ireland and Fenix are one of the few companies who can still maintain these.

We can also upgrade Avaya systems and we can also program changes for users.



Panasonic has been a market leading business telephone provider for over 25 years.

Fenix maintain many of their legacy traditional phone systems.

We also install the KX-TES824E on-premise phone system, which is a very good affordable choice for a smaller business with up to around 24 extensions.


Fenix Solutions was created in 2006 after a management buyout returning the branch to a local Belfast based company providing telecoms service on an Ireland wide basis. Having formerly been in business for 7 years as the Ireland branch of Kingston Communications (Hull) plc, Fenix staff are amongst the most skilled in the region and provide an entirely professional service from planning through to implementation and maintenance.

Currently supporting a multitude of local companies from single offices and shops up to multi site companies with hundreds of users, Fenix Solutions offer the small company personality with the skills and abilities of the larger company.

Our service is 24/7/365 and we have a dedicated service desk for our customers to log faults, installation calls and queries. We offer a personalised service where our staff are accountable and available at the end of a phone. We know how our customers like to be treated and we never hide behind a call centre.

Fenix Solutions - The No.1 Choice for all your communications

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