A reliable telephone system is the backbone of many Northern Ireland businesses. But what would happen if this valuable asset stopped working unexpectedly?

In some cases, the impact of a prolonged systems failure can have a catastrophic effect on your business. That’s why we have created a list of the 5 major benefits of having a maintenance contract in place;


Time is Money 

If your telephone system goes offline, you can’t contact your customers and more importantly your customers can’t contact you. As a result, you are missing sales opportunities and losing money every passing second.

Therefore, a quick response time from an experienced technical team is of the crucial importance to get your organisation back to business as normal. However, without an established maintenance contract a quick response time is highly unlikely.


Protect your Brand 

It takes years of blood sweat and tears to build a successful brand, but only takes a few hours to destroy it.

As a business owner just think of the countless hours you have spent building and nurturing relationships with your customers over the years. Unfortunately, all of this effort can be undone because of a simple fault in your telephone system.

For example, if customers can’t reach your business over the phone they will understandably become frustrated, as it seems as if your business does not value them enough to invest in a reliable telephone system. Ultimately this may cause your customers to lose all confidence they once had in your organisation.


Guaranteed expert service

In the event that a fault in your telephone system occurs, do you want just anybody to fix it? Your answer is most likely “no”, and with good reason;

Firstly, hiring an external organisation to complete a one off maintenance job can take forever, especially if that organisation does not specialise in maintaining your specific telephone system. Ultimately, taking twice the time to correct a fault compared to having a dedicated maintenance contract with a business that specialises in maintaining your system.

Secondly, hiring agencies for one off maintenance deals can cause more damage than good’ as external maintenance contractors may lack the necessary expertise required to correct the problem. This can often result in the fault reoccurring in the future. Therefore, it is in your organisations best interest to take out a maintenance contract with an organisation that has a specialised knowledge of how best to maintain your telephone infrastructure.



A telephone system failure is a lot like a tooth ache, it happens when you least expect it and of course it costs a small fortune to get it fixed quickly.

If you are an SME the likelihood is you have carefully planned your budgets and cash flow forecasts. However, what you probably haven’t factored in is the massive cost of having to pay for a one off maintenance job if your telephone system fails.

Having a maintenance contract in place ultimately remedies this problem as it allows your business to accurately calculate costs over time with the peace of mind that should an error ever occur, you’re covered. Ultimately, it is important to realise that a maintenance contract isn’t a cost; it is a valuable insurance policy for your business.


By not preparing you are preparing to fail

It goes without saying that preventing a fault before it occurs is much more convenient than waiting until it all goes horribly wrong.

By having a maintenance contract in place regular systems maintenance can be scheduled to ensure your telephone system is running smoothly at all times, as well as identify potential systems errors before they occur. Giving you peace of mind that you will be in contact with your customers at all times.

We at Fenix Solutions offer maintenance and support solutions that are flexible, affordable and tailored specifically to your business. We offer a 24/7/365 service with highly trained engineers at the end of the phone at all times to ensure our customers receive the service they have grown to expect, “Nothing but the Best!”

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