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Broadband Options from Fenix Solutions

Broadband is an essential for any business. Getting reliable Broadband for your Northern Ireland business is of course very important. From that single connection you can run your Internet, email and office computers.

Here at Fenix Solutions, we know the importance of having a reliable Broadband connection that is fast and reliable. Below we have a number of broadband packages that will suit all businesses.  Our engineers use the best routers when installing your Broadband to make sure you have the best connection possible.

They will also configure your router and make sure it has the best protection possible, and also ensure that your WiFi, is safe and secure. It is always very useful to have a wireless connection, as long as it has the correct protection from potential hackers.

There are three main types of Business Broadband which are:

  1. ADSL - a basic and certainly the cheapest business broadband usually referred to as standard broadband
  2. Fibre Broadband and this is always the best choice for a business, providing of course it is available at their business location. There are two types which are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - usually referred to as Super Fast Broadband
  3. Leased Line - this is a dedicated line with Broadband and will always be the best but also the most expensive as the line is brought directly into your business premises. - usually referred to as Ultra Fast Broadband

Fenix Solutions provide all of the above broadband types. To find out more you can get in touch with one of our account managers by calling the phone number below.

ADSL Broadband- Standard

This is sometimes referred to as standard broadband and this type of broadband use copper phone lines to send and receive data and information. This is the cheapest form of broadband but it is also the slowest on the Northern Ireland market.

This is really the only fall back for any business who can not get a fibre connection. For some smaller businesses who don't have a lot of Internet use, ADSL is also a good and affordable option.

ADSL broadband can deliver speeds of up to 17 Mbps

We provide ADSL at highly competitive rates for a line and ADSL broadband package. Call us today for our latest offer.

Fibre Broadband - Superfast

Fibre broadband is what almost every business in Northern Ireland uses for their connection to the Internet. It is also the type of connection that is used in most homes. This is often referred to as "Super Fast Broadband."

As we mentioned above there are two main options for a fibre broadband connection. We explain each one just below.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

fttp broadband diagram

This FTTP option is only available in certain locations as it depends on the roll out of the broadband fibre network in Northern Ireland which is an ongoing process.

As the name would suggest this means that the cable from the exchange to the customer's premises uses only fibre. That simply means that you can get faster and more reliable speeds.

Ideally if this option is available, then this is a much better choice for business.

FTTP broadband can deliver speeds of up to 330 Mbps

We provide FTTP where available at highly competitive rates. Call us today for our latest FTTP offer.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

fttc broadband diagram

This is what most businesses (and homes) will actually have. In almost every location fibre to the cabinet is now available. (There are still some remote locations where this is not available and ADSL is the only option)

With this broadband, there is a fibre cable in place from the telephone exchange to the green box you will see on the street(known as a cabinet). However, from the cabinet to the business premises copper cable is still used.

In other words fibre is not available all the way to the customer's premises. That means the broadband is still fast but not as fast as FTTP.

FTTP broadband can deliver speeds of up to 80 Mbps

We provide FTTC  at highly competitive rates for a line and FTTC broadband package. Call us today for our latest offer.

Leased Lines - Ultrafast

dedicated broadband line

Some customers may be much better off with a "leased line." Some businesses use leased lines for an Internet connection. They can also be used to link together PCs and servers in different corporate offices.

Leased lines can also be used to carry phone calls using SIP trunks and VOIP. They can also allow the staff of the company to connect to their work PCs from home.

So as you can see these can be very useful in certain circumstances. 

What Are leased Lines - How Do They Benefit Your Business?

Leased lines are classed as "dedicated" and "symmetric." What does that mean for your business in Northern Ireland?

Dedicated means that the bandwidth you need has been reserved entirely for your use. So unlike most Broadband connections the bandwidth available does not fall at peak times, when other customers of the same ISP try to use their connections at the same time as you.

Symmetric means your business can upload data at the same fast speed at which they can can download data.

The benefits of that are:

  • Staff can access their work PC’s desktops from home
  • Your business can send large files
  • Your business can backup data using online services
  • Your business can take advantage of cheaper telephony

If you are interested in finding out more about a leased line for your business then please give us a call here at Fenix Solutions. We will be happy to offer you the best advice that we can, and get you the best Broadband solution for your particular business needs.

Broadband FAQ

How to Check What Broadband is Available for your Business?

We recommend using the Ofcom Broadband checker by clicking here.

This will open a browser in a new window and ask you for your postcode. That will inform you of what broadband type is available with upload and download speeds. There is also a drop down menu where you can refine your search.

Once you know what is available, then gives us a call and we will offer you our best price for the particular service that you prefer.

What is Broadband Speed?

This is simply how fast you can upload or download data using your Internet connection. Most business users will download more than they upload. As a result broadband suppliers like Fenix Solutions, will always provide a faster download time in comparison to your upload speed.

How is Broadband Speed Actually Measured?

The speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and the higher this number is the faster your broadband will be. There are always two speeds quoted Download and Upload

As an example a standard FTTC broadband will be something such as:

  • 80 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload

A standard ADSL broadband will be something such as:

  • 17 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload

Why Does Broadband Run Slow?

Most businesses will have either FTTC or ADSL broadband. The speed of this will vary depending on a range of factors:

  • How many people are using the broadband in your office?
  • What they are using the broadband for - downloading larger files will slow down the broadband for everyone else?
  • Network contention rates - how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider's line. Standard contention ratios used to be around 50:1 for home broadband, and 20:1 for business broadband but these rates do change a lot of the time
  • Faults with cables and wiring - internal and external cables
  • Hardware faults with modems, switches and routers

As you can see there are many reasons why a broadband connection can appear to be slow. Only detailed analysis can figure out exactly what the problem is.

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