Broadband Fail Over Options for Northern Ireland Businesses

For any business in Northern Ireland, broadband is an important and vital connection. It is fair to say that the performance of most broadband connections is very reliable. There may be the odd glitch, but for the most part, the majority of the time broadband is up and running.

Generally speaking, once the broadband gets connected and stabilises, (about 7 days on average) it performs as it should and allows a fast connection to the Internet. It also allows business to use it as part of their communications and IT infrastructure.

Internet access, emails, document sharing, phone systems are all essential tools in the running of any business. All of these are dependent on a reliable fast broadband service.

What is Broadband Fail Over?

As mentioned above broadband is very important for almost every business in Northern Ireland. Broadband can go down for a number of reasons that we have explained below. When the broadband goes down an office or business can very quickly grind to a halt.

No one can send or receive emails, access the Internet, access documents and in some case the phone network may also go down. Any service that a business has in the cloud such as Office 365 can no longer be accessed.

There is really nothing any business can do until the broadband comes back up again.

We know that can be frustrating for many businesses. That is why we have introduced what is called "broadband fail over", sometimes referred to as "Always on Internet." With this particular service, we set up your broadband modem to automatically switch from your current broadband connection to a mobile connection, should your main broadband connection fail for any reason.

We do this by adding a Mobile SIM card inside your modem and setting it up to automatically switch over to the mobile network if there is a network broadband temporary issue or a major network failure. Once that failure gets resolved, your modem will automatically return to the main connection.

You can give us a quick call on the number below and we can arrange to have this setup quickly for your business.

always on internet

Why Would A Business Opt for Broadband Fail Over?

Here at Fenix, we view our fail over systems as an insurance policy. Like any business decision there is a choice to be made. In this case, it is either live without your broadband for the outage period, or have the option to keep the business running.

By keeping the business running, there is no financial loss, and no-one will be sitting around unable to get on with their work.

We have explained below how broadband works and why outages occur. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent any of these, other than to have a fall back plan, such as a fail over system in place.

Our broadband fail over is quick and easy to setup, and it offers businesses peace of mind.

How Does Broadband Work?

Some years ago the Internet was accessed using a dial-up modem which was painfully slow. This was known as a single band access. When broadband came along, it used a separate band for voice, data uploads and data downloads. As a result it was much faster and quickly replaced the dial up modem.

There are different types of broadband available now which we have summarised just below.


This is usually referred to as "standard broadband." ADSL is served from your local BT phone exchange via the old copper wires. In your business (or home) there will be a modem/router along with micro filters to remove the hiss of broadband from your telephone line.

Your modem plugs into a micro filter which gets plugged into the phone socket. It is a very basic form of broadband.


In Northern Ireland Cable companies such as Virgin Media offer a wide range of Fibre broadband services. These services are only available where they have laid their own fibre cables, and is not part of the general BT network.


In very remote areas satellite broadband can be used. However it is a very expensive option. It is setup using a dish which is similar to a TV style dish. There are very few satellite broadband connections in Northern Ireland.


Fibre broadband is by far the most popular and common choice for both business and residential homes in Northern Ireland. This is a fast connection that relies on a fibre cable in the ground. There are two main types of fibre known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

These connections rely on cables in the ground.


There is of course mobile broadband that currently operates on the 4G network but is moving over to the faster 5G network. For Internet access a small dongle is used to connect laptops, tablets etc to the Internet.

You can of course access the Internet using a Smartphone and a data allowance from the mobile networks.

This type of broadband connection relies entirely on the mobile network.

Why Does Broadband Go Down Sometimes?

Broadband relies on a number of parts to make it work. If any of those parts experience problems, then broadband can be impacted in a negative way. As you can see almost every broadband connection relies on cables in the ground and connectivity points in telephone exchanges and data centres.

We have explained the main reasons below as to why a broadband connection may go down.

  • Major outage - this can have a major impact on almost every broadband and is usually when something like a submarine cable gets disturbed or damaged. It can also be as a result of a cyber attack on the networks who provide broadband services
  • Cable damage - cables will get damaged during adverse weather conditions or by cables accidentally getting dug up by construction teams or other utility services. These can be national cables or local cables and the impact on loss of broadband will depend on the type and size of cable
  • Network/Power Outage - there can also be network and power outages when something goes wrong at an individual exchange or major exchange. That can mean an isolated local outage or a larger outage. At the end of the day broadband is inter connected with servers, nodes and wires

By setting up a fail over broadband system using a Mobile SIM card, your business can keep working during any broadband outage

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of fully accredited and trained engineers
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading providers in all communication fields
  • Communication specialists in Broadband, Leased Lines, and Broadband fail over options
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