Get Your Business Connected with Fenix Solutions

Fenix Solutions have a great number of options to get your business connected quickly. We have listed those below and we provide all of these services at competitive prices backed up by a Northern Ireland based support desk.

If you have any questions about any of our connectivity services, then please feel free to give us a call today.

Business Connectivity Options

Just below you will find our full range of business connectivity options. Most businesses will use a combination of these services

Broadband Options from Fenix Solutions

Broadband is the life blood when it comes to business communications. Broadband is what delivers email, surfing, conferencing and a wide range of hosted or cloud solutions.

Having a fast reliable broadband is essential to have for any business big or small.

Here at Fenix Solutions we have a range of Broadband options to suit all sizes and types of business.

We have explained those options just below.

broadband options from fenix solutions
  • ADSL - The most basic form of broadband on the market and the only one available where a fibre option does not yet exist
  • FTTC - Some type of fibre broadband is what most businesses will want to have and there are two main types. The first one is known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and this simply means that a fibre cable exists between the telephone exchange and the green box on the street. Copper is then used to carry the broadband from the green box to the customer premises.
  • FTTP - Fibre to the Premises is faster and better for any business. However, this is only available in certain areas and locations in Northern Ireland. With FTTP the fibre is provided from the exchange all the way to the customer's premises

Dedicated Connectivity from Fenix Solutions

leased lines

For businesses who want the very best Internet connection, and need one that is fast, secure and reliable then a "Leased Line" is going to be the best option. In short, a leased line is quite simply the best, most resilient internet connection there is.

The bandwidths available range from 10Mb to 10 Gb with the most popular options being 100Mb or 1 Gb options.
Leased line bandwidth is not shared with anyone else, has symmetrical speeds, are uncontended and come with a managed router and service level agreements.

Broadband Fail Over from Fenix Solutions

Another popular option for some business is what is called "Broadband fail over Internet." As we have mentioned a leased line is always going to be the best broadband option for any business, however, leased lines are expensive.

With Fenix Solution's "Broadband Failover", your business can have a fibre broadband, but it comes with a fail over system. A mobile SIM card is inserted into your Draytek broadband modem, and gets automatically activated if your broadband fails

That means your office network then starts to use the mobile 4G network.

That means that your Internet and email will keep working until your fibre connection is restored.

Thumbs up failover

Lines & Calls from Fenix Solutions

lady making a phone call

For many businesses in Northern Ireland, telephone lines and calls are still a very important part of their communication network with customers and suppliers.

Here at Fenix we have the full range of options that include analogues lines, ISDN, VoIP and SIP trunks/channels.

All of these come with a range of call bundle options.

BT have announced that they are plan to close down the ISDN network by 2025, so there has never been a better time to make the switch to other more cost-effective options for business.

VoIP & SIP Trunks from Fenix Solutions

Both VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are services that work through your existing broadband connection.

VoIP is used to make and receive calls.

SIP can also handle calls but can handle other types of data and media such as video.

For SIP or VoIP to work properly a good quality broadband is an absolute necessity.

Many businesses are now changing their ISDN lines over to more cost-effective SIP options, as the countdown begins to 2025.

voip and sip

ISDN Switch Off is Coming

BT released a statement in 2015 that it would stop taking new orders for ISDN services in 2020, with a view to switching off the ISDN network in 2025. ISDN is a type of business line that allows both voice and data to be transmitted over a digital line.

ISDN is now an outdated technology and is rapidly being replaced with other options such as SIP Channels, Hosted PBX options and VoIP options.

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of fully accredited and trained engineers
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading providers in all communication fields
  • Communication specialists in Broadband, Leased Lines, VoIP, line and call bundles