Vodafone Mobile Broadband Tariff

This is our Vodafone Business First mobile broadband plan. This plan is a data only plan, and does not include UK minutes or SMS.

With a data only SIM card, you can use data on the go on your tablet, data dongle or Mobile WiFi device.

Mobile Broadband Tariffs

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There are also data top ups available on this plan, should you have a busy period of time, and you may need extra dats for that period.

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Data Top Ups

Here at Fenix Solutions, we understand that at certain times, you may need to increase your data requirement. As such, we have provided the ability to do just that.

Data Top Ups








Terms of the Contract

  • This is a Data only tariff and is based on a 24 month contract. Early termination fees apply if disconnected whilst still in contract
  • 4g data and Roam Like at Home is subject to our Fair Usage Policy and we reserve the right to bar and/or charge for excess usage. 
  • RLAH data usage is capped at 25GB per calendar month, at which point it will be barred. This can be lifted if a data top uo is applied.
  • Data Top-Ups are available - see table

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