SIM Only Business Mobile Deals Northern Ireland

Fenix Solutions have some great value SIM Only business mobile deals. These mobile deals are available on either the o2 or the Vodafone network. We offer a range of competitive SIM Only mobile tariffs that are ideal for all businesses in Northern Ireland.

Why Pick Fenix SIM Only Mobile Deal?

  • Choice of Networks - At Fenix we offer a range of SIM only tariffs on the main mobile networks. Our tariffs are available on the o2 network, and the Vodafone network. We are not restricted to any single network, and we don't think you should be either.
  • Single Point of Contact - Fenix Solutions have a single point of contact for all billing and support enquiries. One simple phone call to 02890-400400 can deal with all your enquiries without the need to wait in various queues.
  • Competitive Pricing - We always have an eye on the market and make sure that all our tariffs are as price sensitive as they can be.
  • Customer choice - a SIM only tariff is ideal if you don't need or want to change your Smartphone. Allows business users to get a very competitive tariff that suits their mobile usage pattern

Fenix SIM Only Mobile Tariffs

sim only mobile deals

Please note that a SIM only tariff is where you get a SIM card only. You can put this SIM into your existing handset. This is a very good choice for anyone who is happy with their current Smartphone, and simply wants a very competitive calls and data tariff.

With all our SIM only tariffs, you get unlimited UK calls and texts. You then simply pick the amount of data that you will need each month. The data options start at 3 GB and go all the way up to unlimited data.

You can even keep your number if you’ve joined from another network.

Please click on the button below to see more details of the SIM only plan for each network.

  • o2 - Our tariff includes unlimited UK Landline Calls (01, 02 & 03 numbers), unlimited UK mobile calls and unlimited text messages
  • Vodafone - Our tariff includes unlimited UK Landline Calls (01, 02 & 03 numbers), unlimited UK mobile calls, unlimited text messages, 100 EU to UK minutes and 50 minutes to Non-Geographic numbers

Subject to a 24 month contract. Your Pay Monthly terms explain things like price increases, your minimum term, how to cancel and how we use your information. You can find a summary of those terms here.

SIM Only - EU Roaming

Roaming in the European Union

Under legislation passed in 2018, the unlimited calls, texts and data can also be used in the EU. That is great news for most business users and also for consumers.

So when on a typical business tariff as described above, the calls, texts and data can be used if you happen to be in another EU country.

As yet no declaration has been made as to what changes may happen as a result of Brexit. We will update this here when we know more. At the moment it is likely that EU roaming will no longer be available as we know it now.

Other Fenix Mobile Tariffs

If the SIM only tariff is not the most suitable for your business, then we have a range of other mobile tariffs, which you may find more suitable.

An ideal tariff for any business user who prefers to have the option of using the o2 or Vodafone network.

This uses a dual SIM and individual users share data across both networks

An ideal tariff for any business who wants to upgrade their existing handsets, and incldude those as part of their monthly bill.

Smartphones available from all suppliers, Apple, Samsung etc

An ideal tariff for any business user who just wants data to use with their laptop or tablet. Allows them to use their device from any location.

Typically a dongle or Data only SIM card is used

Protect your Smartphone from cyber attacks such as  Malware, vishing, smishing and other viruses.

Stop hackers from causing any damage to your phone or through any of your apps.

SIM Mobile Deals vs Handset Mobile Deals

Most business users will have a handset along with their tariff. For many years the handset and tariff were all wrapped up in the same deal. With the bigger companies, hardware funds were also available, so as handsets could be added or replaced during the contract term.

More and more companies are now moving to a SIM only option for the tariff and then having the handset on a separate contract, or paying upfront for the handset.

So, if your business also needs handsets, we believe that separating the tariff and the handsets is a much better option for a business.

ni buisness sim only deals
sim only mobile deals

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of mobile specialists
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading mobile network providers 
  • Communication specialists in Mobile and mobile solutions