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Business Mobile Deals for Northern Ireland  Businesses

Fenix Solutions have some great value business mobile deals. These mobile deals are available on either the o2 or the Vodafone network. We offer a range of competitive mobile tariffs that are ideal for all businesses in Northern Ireland.

Why Pick Fenix Mobile?

  • Choice of Networks - At Fenix we offer a range of tariffs on the main mobile networks. Our tariffs are available on the o2 network, and the Vodafone network. We are not restricted to any single network, and we don't think you should be either.
  • Single Point of Contact - Fenix Solutions have a single point of contact for all billing and support enquiries. One simple phone call to 02890-400400 can deal with all your enquiries without the need to wait in various queues.
  • Competitive Pricing - We always have an eye on the market and make sure that all our tariffs are as price sensitive as they can be.

Fenix Recommended Mobile Tariffs

We have a range of mobile tariffs available to suit business needs. These include:

An ideal tariff for any business user who doesn't need to change their handset, or who wants to purchase their handset separately.

This is available with a range of data options

An ideal tariff for any business user who prefers to have the option of using the o2 or Vodafone network.

This uses a dual SIM and individual users share data across both networks

An ideal tariff for any business user who doesn't need to change their handset, or who wants to purchase their handset separately.

This tariff has unlimited data for heavy users

Protect your Smartphone from cyber attacks such as  Malware, vishing, smishing and other viruses.

Stop hackers from causing any damage to your phone or through any of your apps.

An ideal tariff for any business who wants to upgrade their existing handsets, and incldude those as part of their monthly bill.

Smartphones available from all suppliers, Apple, Samsung etc

An ideal tariff for any business user who just wants data to use with their laptop or tablet. Allows them to use their device from any location.

Typically a dongle or Data only SIM card is used

SIM Only Tariffs

Please note that a SIM only tariff is where you get a SIM card only.  You can put this SIM into your existing handset. This is a very good choice for anyone who is happy with their current Smartphone, and simply wants a very competitive calls and data tariff.

With the SIM only tariff you get unlimited calls and texts. You then simply pick the amount of data that you will need each month. The data options start at 1 GB and go all the way up to unlimited data.

You can click on the buttons below on your preferred network to find out more details.

Unlimited Data SIM Only Tariff

Please note that a SIM only tariff is where you get a SIM card only. You can put this SIM into your existing handset. This is a very good choice for anyone who is happy with their current Smartphone, and simply wants a very competitive calls and data tariff.

With this Unlimited data SIM only tariff you get unlimited calls, texts and data.

Tariffs with Handsets/Tablets

Many Northern Ireland businesses will want to renew some of their handsets, or have new handsets or tablets as part of their overall package.

In addition they may want to have different data requirements for individual users.

As these needs will vary from business to business, so it is easier to speak with you and gather your exact requirements.

We can quickly determine your preferred network, how many users there are, their specific requirements and any additional services that are required.

Feel free to give us a call and we can provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Samsung S20

Find out more about our range of tariffs with handsets

Fenix Purple Tariff

Fenix Purple offers business the opportunity to have some users on the o2 network and some users on the Vodafone network.

They can then share the data across both networks.

This is an ideal tariff if some users are experiencing difficulty with being on a particular network.

This work by offering users a dual SIM card which will then select the network with the best coverage in any particular area.

We create the bill, so you will only receive one bill from Fenix Solutions. This tariff is available with or wthout handsets.

Apple iPhone SE2020

For this tariff to be commercially competitive, it is really only suitable for businesses with over 20 connections.

3 GB Per User

£16.50 per user

5 GB Per User

£17.00 per user

10 GB Per User

£18.50 per user

Fenix Mobile Broadband

Fenix Mobile broadband is a data only tariff that is used with tablets such as an iPad. We have data tariffs available on the o2 or Vodafone network. 

Click Here to find out more about Mobile Broadband options

Mobile Security & Device Management

Most mobile users will be very familiar with cyber attacks on their mobile phone. There are a wide range of these and they are used by hackers to try and gather information that can be used to cause damage to your phone, or to get your personal or business details.

These include Malware, phishing (vishing and smishing on mobiles), spy ware and many other viruses. New threats are happening everyday, and Smartphones and the use of "Apps" do make these devices very vulnerable.

We can help protect your devices agains this type of cyber attack.

How To Determine the Mobile Needs of Your Company?

If as a company you are considering paying for company mobiles, then this short guide should really help you out. There are lots of companies in N.Ireland who offer mobile deals, and in truth these may often sound complicated when there is simply no need for that to be the case.

Each business in Northern Ireland may operate their mobile telephony in a slightly different way.

  • Some NI companies will pay for the mobiles that are used in their business
  • Some companies pay for some of the mobiles in their business
  • Some companies just do not pay at all for any mobile. 

That is of course a decision for each individual business owner.

If your business pays for the company mobiles or is considering having company owned mobiles, then below we have listed what the important considerations are.

Which Mobile Network is Best for Your NI Business?

When deciding on the best mobile contract for you, we have placed the actual mobile network as the first priority. This is in our opinion the most important decision.

Too often many businesses simply look at the lowest price and although that is important, having a mobile that works in your general location is by far the most important consideration. We see little sense in paying for a mobile phone that does not work for the individual user.

The key thing to consider is where will the mobile phone actually be used. The location is vital as different networks have different levels of coverage and this can vary quite a lot. If you have a personal mobile then you will most likely be aware of this.

Understanding Mobile Tariffs

This is the area that get confusing as different companies have very different requirements. We have explained the options below, so as you have a full understanding of how mobile tariffs are made up.

Unlimited Calls and Texts

One thing that has changed for the better is that all of the networks now offer unlimited calls to UK landlines and other UK mobile networks.

That means that end users can make full use of their phone without having to worry about getting any surprising phone bills, when it comes to telephone calls.

In terms of general pricing, you can usually get unlimited calls and texts tariff for around £10 a month on a SIM only deal, with a small data allowance.

Just below we have explained the typical data allowances, and what they mean for the individual user.

It is worth pointing out that unlimited calls are usually only to UK landlines and UK mobiles, and most of the networks also have what is called a "Fair Use Policy." This policy will state that the minutes and texts are capped at certain levels.

If the user regularly and consistently over uses that level, then the network will contact them to discuss the contract. This is a rare event though and the unlimited calls and texts are usually more than enough for the average business user.

How Much Data Does a Typical Business User Really Need?

With unlimited calls and texts provided almost as standard these days, the next important decision is how much data do you really need? Data is sold by the mobile networks in Mb and more commonly in Gigabytes. (Gb) 

For most business users 3 -5 Gb of data will be ideal.

That amount of data allows you to check emails and use your mobile browser for search as and when you need it. It will also allow you to use various "Apps" such as Google Maps etc. For a typical business user this amount of data is ideal.

Heavier users will of course need more data, and there are a range of higher options available. This type of data is usually operated on the "4G network," which is fast.

All of the networks now offer an unlimited data option as well. These have fallen a lot in price and is certainly worth considering.

Wifi vs Data

It is important though just to understand the difference between Wifi and actual 4g or 5G mobile data usage. Most people will know from using their own personal mobile that their mobile can be connected to a Wifi connection at home.

When that is done, then no actual mobile 4G or 5G data is being used as the mobile is using the home Wifi network. In other words the online activity is not using any 4G or 5G mobile data from your monthly allowance, when running through the home Wifi network.

Most business users can of course use their home Wifi to connect their business phone.

Likewise most business premises will have Broadband and in most cases that will be wireless. If that is the case then anyone with a company mobile can use the Business Wifi to connect their mobile and again they will not be using mobile data.

There are also Wifi spots available in many public areas and in a lot of hotels, cafes, restaurants, airports etc.

The important thing to remember is that your mobile data allowance is only used when not connected to a Wifi network.

When there is no Wifi available, then the mobile phone connects to the 4G or 5G network (or 3G if 4G not available). That is when the data allowance is used and ideally each user should have enough data to do their work, and not exceed the allowance.

Exceeding the allowance can be very costly and result in large bills. Good networks will of course have some type of warning in place to alert you when you get close to the maximum of your data being used. In the UK this is about to become a legal requirement.

Picking a Business Mobile Tariff

So far we have covered the calls and minutes, and as stated these are on most networks classed as unlimited. It is however still worth reading their terms and conditions as there are still usage limits on these to prevent misuse or fraudulent activity.

Foe the vast majority of business users, the unlimited calls will include calls to local landlines, national landlines and other UK mobile networks. They will not include calls to Non-Geographic numbers such as 0845 and 08770.

They will also not include calls to the Republic of Ireland or Europe.

We have explained the data tariffs above, so most business users will ideally want to have unlimited calls and texts and then pick a data bundle size.

That is the actual core of the tariff.

Roaming in the European Union

Under legislation passed in 2018, the unlimited calls, texts and data can also be used in the EU. That is great news for most business users and also for consumers.

So when on a typical business tariff as described above, the calls, texts and data can be used if you happen to be in another EU country.

As yet no declaration has been made as to what changes may happen as a result of Brexit. We will update this here when we know more. At the moment it is likely that EU roaming will no longer be available as we know it now.

SIM Mobile Deals vs Handset Deals

Most business users will have a handset along with their tariff. For many years the handset and tariff were all wrapped up in the same deal. With the bigger companies, hardware funds were also available, so as handsets could be added or replaced during the contract term.

More and more companies are now moving to a SIM only option for the tariff and then having the handset on a separate contract, or paying upfront for the handset.

We believe that this is a much better option for a business.

ni buisness sim only deals

EU Roaming included on both deals shown above

We offer the same deal on either the o2 network or the Vodafone network. The above deal is subject to a 24 month contract.

The reason we offer this deal is that the end user gets unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles. They also get a an unlimited allowance for data so as they don't have to worry about exceeding their monthly data allowance.

Mobile Deals with Handsets Included

Some companies want a mobile deal that also includes handsets. Almost every user will want to have some form of Smartphone, and these vary a lot in price. The most popular choices are Apple iPhones and Samsung Android phones. The latest version of these phones cost hundreds of pounds.

If you have decided as a business that you are willing to pay for these, then you can either pay for these as a one-off fee or spread the cost of these over the term of the contract. The bottom line is that your company will have to pay for any handsets.

At Fenix we highly recommend that you purchase your handsets wherever you get the best value. You can then add one of our SIM only tariff deals, and then you will have a good value tariff.

If you want us to quote you for a deal that includes tariff and handsets, then please give us a call on the number above, and we will be happy to do that for you.

sim only mobile deals

Why Pick Fenix Solutions?

  • Experienced communication's company with years of experience
  • Based in Belfast with a team of mobile specialists
  • Northern Ireland billing and support teams at the end of the phone
  • Partnered with the leading mobile network providers 
  • Communication specialists in Mobile and mobile solutions