ISDN Switch Off Date

isdn switch off

ISDN Switch Off Date – Why it Matters for Northern Ireland Business?Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the importance of the ISDN switch off date for businesses in Northern Ireland. BT announced as far back as 2015-16 that they were going to switch off ISDN services in 2025. URGENT UPDATE Initially BT said […]

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VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Best VOIP for Small Business

VOIP Phone Systems in Northern IrelandMany business owners in Northern Ireland will have heard of the term “VOIP”. This is true if they are familiar with the world of Telecoms, or are familiar with the advantages of having Fibre Broadband. Here at Fenix Solutions we receive many requests from small businesses as to what are […]

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Call Recording Northern Ireland Businesses


Call Recording Software in Northern IrelandWith call recording in place, business owners and managers can monitor the performance of their business. It also allows them to get real insight into how their employees actually handle the calls. These types of recordings can also be very useful when resolving disputes and complaints. When using this type of […]

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Why Landline is Still Vital to Your Business

calls and lines ni

7 REASONS LANDLINE IS STILL VITAL TO YOUR BUSINESS  1 Quality Counts A landline provides you with a clear crisp connection, 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry about constant buzzing, and wondering whether your customer cans you hear you. 2 Dropping calls is dropping sales  Dropping calls to friends and family […]

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