Third Party Maintenance

Fenix Solutions understand that it is not possible to have engineers based all over Ireland, the UK, or even Europe. That’s why we offer 3rd party back to back or callout contracts. Our engineers will represent your company while onsite and provide the exemplary service your clients deserve. This superb service is why Fenix already support 3rd party contracts for some of the major telecoms service providers such as Kcom, Cable & Wireless and Maintel.

Fenix Solutions were formed as a management buyout from Kingston Communications and due to this we have great experience of the workings of a large corporate company. We understand that there are many things that are required of smaller companies to be able to effectively partner with larger firms. That is why Fenix Solutions have all the correct insurance, SHE, audit policies in place and all the NDA/SLA agreements ready to sign.

Our engineering team have been together as Lloyd Communications then through 6 years of Kingston Communications and now operating as Fenix Solutions. This has allowed the team to grow together, and avail of the best training possible over the last 10 years. Our engineers have a vast experience and knowledge of telecoms solutions and systems. They have been working for 3rd party companies for the last 10 years and we are happy to represent your company as “on behalf of” or as direct engineers.

The engineering team can work as “hands on site” only if we do not have the expertise on the specific product, you supply the technical support and the parts and we can do the rest. If we need to undertake further training to fulfil your needs we can complete this also.

Tailored Options
Fenix Solutions are more than willing to tailor our 3rd party options to suit you and your client. We can provide Mon-Sat cover, Mon 6am-Fri9pm cover, whatever you require we can supply. If you only require callouts as and when required we can do it, if you need spares held locally we can provide fully insured storage. Retainer contacts are available on request.


  • Local Engineers 
  • Locally held spares
  • Guarantee your SLA's
  • Fault tracking & regular updates
  • 24/7 service