Multi-Site Phone Systems - For NI Businesses With Multiple Locations

If your business operates in more than one location in Northern Ireland then we can provide a phone system that links all your sites together making your communications simpler and easier, than ever before.

Likewise if you have a business in N.Ireland with other branches in Ireland or the UK, then we can also deliver a great platform across all of your sites.

This is a cost effective solution to link all of your sites together using a technology called iPECS UCP. This really is one of the very best Multi-Site Phone Systems on the market.

Gone are the days when you need to install separate phone systems in every single one of your sites. Fenix Solutions have partnered with the world leading communications manufacturer Ericsson-LG.

As a result of that partnership, we can supply your business with a single, centralised phone system that operates over your multiple sites.

As a result that will significantly cut costs and almost instantly improve efficiency for your business.

Multi-Site Phone Systems Explained

What Is An iPECS UCP Multi-Site Phone System?

Two important things are happening in the world of Telecoms. The standard traditional phone systems are starting to age. At the same time newer and better technology is advancing. With traditional phone systems it was almost impossible to link sites together without businesses having to shoulder huge costs for that service.

However, with the arrival of Unified Communications (UC) all of that has changed. UC is the process of integrating all of your communications platforms into one system. This is the future and it’s surprising how many telecoms companies are struggling to meet the demand of Unified Communications.

Fenix Solutions, in association with Ericsson-LG can deliver to your business the future of communications right now. Ericsson-LG has put in four times more financial resource into developing new products than the amount that the closest competitor invests in research development.

The result is a leading-edge true Unified Communications Platform, combining voice, video and data to bring the end user a reliable and scalable communications solution. We call this solution the iPECS UCP and the great news is that it is also more affordable than the closest competitor’s equivalent.

Key Important Features of Our UC Platform & Solution

The central key feature of our solution is that all users of this systems can use voice, video, conference calls, instant messaging and visual voicemail, all in one user-friendly platform. That keeps things really simple for the end user, and will also greatly improve efficiency and productivity.

Total Reliability and Complete Resilience

As a business with various sites keeping in touch with each other, and with your customers is a number one priority. To ensure that happens any UC system needs to be completely resilient.

Ericsson LG have ensured that by using geographic redundancy and inherent modular architecture. iPECS Unified Communications is built to deliver complete resilience.

Anytime, Anywhere, Perfect for Multi-Site Businesses

The other great feature about this platform is that you can access the iPECS UCP wherever you are. You can do this by using a smartphone, tablet or PC applications. Stay connected to your phone system 24/7.

Integration with other Business Standard Applications

With the UCP, your communications are truly integrated. You can integrate your UCP into standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Lync, as well as other applications.

The iPECS UCP works through the latest standard based communication technologies, such as SIP. Now you can save money on call costs using WiFi or use the built in Voice Conferencing to save money on getting a separate conference service.