Phone Systems – 11-50 Employees

If you have between 11-50 employees in your business, then we know that you rely on good internal and external communications to remain efficient and become successful. Our communications solutions can help your business to increase efficiency, improve operations and to be able to monitor your staff's call performance.

Fenix Solutions have partnered with Ericsson-LG, to bring you cutting-edge phone systems, superior to others in the market at a very competitive price. Whatever your situation we have the perfect communications solution phone systems for this size of a business in Northern Ireland.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS UCP ​Phone System For ALL Your Business Needs

Here at Fenix Solutions we understand the increasing demand for the development of simplified communications solutions that are cost-saving and reliable. To achieve this you may have heard of the term "Unified Communications." This is simply the coming together of all your communications platforms (voice, video and data) into one simple system. This is the future of the communications industry.

Fenix Solutions, in association with Ericsson-LG, are delivering businesses the future of communications. To demonstrate just how important this is, Ericsson-LG has put four times the amount into developing new products than the amount the closest competitor invests into research development.

Cutting-edge technology, that stands superior to the competition is the result. Such as the iPECS UCP, combining voice, video and data to bring you a truly scalable and reliable Unified Communications Platform which is more affordable than the closest competitors equivalent.

Introducing the Ericsson-UCP Phone System

Simple Unified Communications Explained

Users of the iPECS UCP can use voice, video, conference calls, visual voicemails and instant messaging, all in one easy to use platform. As a business you can now provide your team with the tools and features to quickly improve internal communication and provide unmatched customer service.

Reliable and Resilient Communications

iPECS UCP is designed to deliver total reliability through delivering complete resilience through geographic redundancy and inherent modular architecture.

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity with the UCP
Users can access the iPECS Unified Communications Platform wherever they are. that can be on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC applications.

Integrated applications – Make the most out of your communications
Integration with standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync and other applications means your communications are truly integrated, allowing you to make the most out of your communications set-up.


​The UCP allows you to grasp the latest standard based technologies, such as SIP, to make the most out of the latest network technologies. You can save on call costs by using WiFi, or save by using the inbuilt voice conferencing instead of purchasing an external service that does the same thing.

Every business in Northern Ireland has different communications needs and meeting these needs is critical for your business communications solution. Fenix Solutions in conjunction with Ericsson-UCP offers various applications and mobile clients for you to fulfill the different needs and requirements in your business.

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