Telephone Systems – 50+ Employees

Any business and certainly any larger organisation depend on being able to have excellent communication both internally and externally. Having the right phone system is key to delivering that high level of communications.

Our telephone solutions for businesses with 50 users or more are designed to do help deliver on a number of key performance indicators. These include;

  • Help increase efficiency
  • Improve operations
  • Monitor staff performance across all departments

Fenix Solutions in partnership with Ericsson-LG means that we can bring you the very latest in technology and we believe is superior to others in the market. We also know that we can deliver this solution at a very cost competitive price.

Introducing - Ericsson-LG’s Unified Communications Platform – The iPECS UCP

The days of having a telephone system run and operate as a stand alone system are all but gone. Customers demand more than that, and they also want their phone system to be simplified and easier to make changes when they are required.

To try and meet that demand, the traditional phone system is becoming extinct and it is being replaced by Unified Communications.

What Is Unified Comms?

This may be a term that you here being used a lot, but what does it actually mean and do? UC is simply the full integration of all your communications platforms into a single solution.
This will include your voice calls, video and data, all integrated into one system that is easy to use. This is the clear future path of the communications industry.

Fenix Solutions, in association with Ericsson-LG are proud to be able to deliver this solution to all our customers in Northern Ireland, and especially to the larger businesses. Ericsson-LG is has invested four times more financial resource into research and development than what the closest competitor has done.

The Unified Comms solution that they have built is called "iPECS UCP." This is the end result of Ericsson-LG’s prowess, combining voice, video and data into one scalable Unified Communications platform. The UCP is reliable and more affordable than the closest competitor’s equivalent unified communications platform.

It is also a platform that is monitored and ongoing investment made to continually meeting new demands from larger businesses.

Key Important Features of iPECS UCP

Belowe we have listed what we believe to be the key important features for larger businesses.The platform is simple and easy to use for voice, video, instant messaging as well as conference calls and visual voicemail.

By making use of these important features, your teams have the tools to provide sales, world class customer service and overall to strengthen internal communications.

Reliable Communications

A phone system or any unified communication's platform is only as good as the platform that it is built on. Our platform offers complete resilience, through geographic redundancy and inherent modular architecture. Total reliability is the only option with the iPECS UCP.

Anytime & Anywhere Connectivity

One major difference with a UC platform is that it can be accessed from many devices. These include when on your mobile, tablet and PC devices in any location.

Integration with Standard Office Applications

This was an important step especially for many larger organisations. They wanted their phone system to be able to work with what are considered to be standard office applications.

The iPECS UCP has been fully integrated to work with Microsoft Outlook and Lync along with other applications. True integration allows you to make the most of your communications setup.

Saving Big Business Money

The UC platform will also help businesses save on call costs. It will also help a lot with cuttings the costs of external conferencing services.

The very good news is that the UCP is compatible with SIP and the latest network technologies are supported. Being able to use WiFi to make calls also helps reduce billing costs. Built-in voice conferencing is also available, meaning you don’t have to purchase an external service to provide it.

Why Consider Using Fenix Solutions and Ericsson LG?

Ericsson LG are a well recognised Global brand who have made some serious investment in their platforms. They have built and created a very innovative and resilient solution that is designed to really help out the larger businesses, where top notch communications is vital.

For larger businesses in N.Ireland, Fenix Solutions have been installing and maintaining business telephone systems for many years. We have experienced engineers, all of whom are fully accredited, and all have been approved by Ericsson LG.

That means we can use the best UC technology on the market, but deliver that to you locally. That means no ringing up to remote call centres and waiting in queues to have your query dealt with.

Pick up the phone, call our number, and talk to a human being instantly. You don't have time to waste waiting on your call being answered and passed around from pillar to post. Here at Fenix Solutions we install and maintain your UC system, and we answer your calls quickly.