Phone System Relocations - Business Moving Premises in Northern Ireland

Fenix Solutions specialise in helping businesses to move and relocate from one premises to another. We offer a range of services to make the transition to your new location smooth and headache free.

Moving house can be stressful enough, but when a business has to or wants to relocate, then here at Fenix Solutions we know that it can be extremely stressful. We also understand the importance of careful planning and then making sure that everything goes to plan.

Your communications are vitally important and without those up and running, your business may suffer greatly. This is where we can help.

Experienced Fenix Solution's Team

Over the years we have helped many businesses in Northern Ireland to relocate. We can quickly move your old phone system and have it up and running in your new premises.

We can also upgrade your old communications services to provide you with the latest technology from our varied range of products.

As an independent reseller, we work with a number of leading communications suppliers who manufacture cutting-edge technology.

Fenix Solutions Belfast

Our Communications Specialist Account Managers will typically take the time to design a bespoke solution based on the individual requirements of your business in your new location.

All of our packages are focused on reducing outgoing costs and improving the overall operations of your business.

If you do not require an upgrade of your communication services, Fenix Solutions are still able to assist with your office move.

We have a team of specialist communications engineers who are highly experienced at re-installing telecommunications hardware and software, cabling any sized workplace and ensuring the communications infrastructure of your new office is all in place, ready for when you relocate.

How Much Notice Is Required When a Business Is Moving Premises?

The honest answer to this is the more notice that you can give the better. With the installation of any telephone services there are always lead times. The further in advance these are known the better, as it allows for much better planning.

Sometimes though we understand that having lost of notice may not be possible. All is not lost though as we can usually be innovative and offer a temporary solution, until the main solution can be properly implemented.

If in doubt call us today and ask to speak with one of our helpful account managers.

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