What Mobile Working Solutions Can Do for Northern Ireland Businesses

Many businesses in Northern Ireland will have employees who work in the office, on the road, work from home or travel to Ireland, the UK or even globally. This is now simply a normal part of everyday business life.

Fenix Solutions in partnership with Ericsson-LG delivers a consistent Mobile Working experience. That enables your business to make the most of your communications investment wherever you are. Here we explain the Mobile Working Solutions from Fenix Solutions.

There are some businesses in NI where the work is fully based in an office environment. For many businesses though, work is increasingly less about the location and more about having access to the tools and connectivity required to do your job.

Our Unified Communication's platform, known as Ericsson-LG iPECS-UCP delivers a range of mobility solutions designed for today’s business.

Mobile Working Explained

You may hear this term "Mobile Working" used frequently in the world of business. What does it really mean though? Mobile Working is simply the process of working as you normally would in any location, without having to compromise on what you can do.

Our mobile working solutions give you the tools that are required for your job. These will allow the user to access information and continue to work as if you are at sitting at your desk. Your location is not important whether that be working from home, from the local cafe or from any remote location.

Delivering the same user experience

This solution is really all about being able to deliver the same experience. If you have ever been frustrated by having to go into the office to do something before you can go to a meeting, then you will know exactly what we mean.

With out mobile working solution your team can work seamlessly regardless of device, network or their location. That is because our iPECS Communication Platform will deliver the same user experience on different device platforms.

Increase Sales and Improve Customer Service

As well as making working life easier and simpler for your employees, there are also considerable customer benefits as well. By being able to respond quickly to customer contacts, you can increase the amount of sales within your business.

Mobile working also helps improve customer service by making sure your teams are more available to your customers. As a business in N.Ireland you will know that by responding to a call quickly can often be the difference in gaining or losing customers. IPECS technology ensures your teams can respond quickly, wherever they are.

Flexible Working and Measurement

With a good mobile working solution you can free up your team to work where and when they want. That helps improve flexible working. At the same time all work activity can easily be monitored and checked.

By using Ericsson-LG iPECS technology, you can enable secure and simple access to your communications platform regardless of your employee's location. The platform can be accessed using the PC-based soft phone app, Wifi handsets, DECT handsets or UC applications.

In simple terms iPECS-UCP frees your team to communicate wherever they are.

Cost Control

We know that this all sounds great to businesses, but what about the costs involved. We know from experience that many mobile working solutions can be a costly exercise. This is especially true if they are deployed without clear visibility and cost control.

Vy using our state of the art iPECS technology and applications you can deploy BYOD (bring your own device) solutions, home working and international access without losing control and facing high call charges.

The reason that this is possible is because iPECS mobility solutions all link directly back to your main communications platform ensuring you make use of the best call rates. As you can fully access the technology your busines can maintain full visibility and control of every call made regardless of location.

Make The Most of Your Smartphone Investments

Almost every business in Northern Ireland will have smartphones which allow them to do a great deal more with their mobile phone. You will also know that Smartphones are very expensive, with the better smartphones costing in excess of £500-600.

As such we think it is very important to make the most of those as that will help your business get a return on the investment. Our iPECS platform helps you make more of your mobile assets and save money by reducing expensive tariff use and helping you manage costs.

Mobile Working Summary

Fenix Solutions working with Ericsson-LG use iPECS technology to help your business make the most of all of your teams and devices, ensuring that critical communications can always be delivered simply, securely and cost-effectively.

Start winning with the power of iPECS technology today delivered by Fenix Solutions for local businesses in Northern Ireland.