Business Continuity & Back Up Systems
Northern Ireland

Most businesses in Northern Ireland should have their systems and data backed up, in case some type of disaster happens to their business. The level of back up will of course depend on the size of the business, and also on how they store their information.

Some NI businesses will back up files, storage, emails and all of that is done for very good reasons. In the world of business this is often referred to as business continuity.

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Understanding Business Continuity Telephony Needs

Here at Fenix Solutions we believe that no business should ever be at risk by losing important information. Here is an interesting and effective way to think about this. If the worst thing possible was to happen, would your business still be able to function?

 Allow us to use a simple example to try and explain this further. Let’s say there is a fire at your premises and it’s going to take you a month or so for it to become accessible again. Would you still be able to operate and serve your customers?

That is worthwhile considering now, when you can at least have time to plan to have something in place should such a disaster occur. If you would like to discuss business continuity, then please call one of our experts on the telephone number below.

What Really Happens to Many Businesses in NI?

It does of course depend on the type of business, but the single principle of business continuity remains the same.

From experience we know that initially many customers, and the general public will be sympathetic and very understanding. However the reality is that the business world stops for no one. Quicker than you may imagine customers will still expect you to deliver your products/services. Our Business Continuity solutions are here to help.

How Fenix Solutions Can Help?

So whether it’s fire, flood, water damage or any other unforeseen circumstance that impacts your business, we are here to get you back up and running immediately.

Making sure that your business can answer telephone calls, and indeed be able to make and receive calls is vital. We can make sure that happens for your business. We can then combine that capability with our mobile working technology, to keep your business going.

Our range of revolutionary mobile working technology will enable your workforce to operate remotely until you can return to your office. Your employees will be able to access the full capabilities of your communications system from any location.

That means it can be business as usual from a communication's stand point. Your business will still be able to deliver service to your customers. That means you will be able to make calls, receive calls and deal with all your customers effectively.

Even though your company has been hit by unforeseen circumstances our business continuity and mobile working solution will help to ensure that your revenue doesn’t take a hit as well.

If you would like to find out more, then call one of our Account Managers on the phone number below.