Property Phone Systems Northern Ireland

The iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform. It has been designed to help property businesses communicate and collaborate with customers and stakeholders. By keeping employees connected, team and client communication is more responsive, leading to a high-value customer service that stands out from the competition.

Here at Fenix Solutions we deliver this phone system and provide a 24/7 local service to make sure that you are always up and running.

Why Use IPECS for Your Property Business?

iPECS Unified Communications helps workers across your property business be more productive and efficient, regardless of their chosen device or their location.

With iPECS Unified Communications, you can keep costs down and increase billable hours by reducing the need for unnecessary travel expenses and wasted time.

iPECS Communications Solutions can cover the needs of both small and large property businesses, such as estate agents, with a range of platforms that can meet the needs of 2 to 2000 users.

Each powerful platform uses the same powerful core features and software, ensuring that the property industry in NI can take advantage of the power of iPECS Phone Systems.

Key Features of this Phone System

  • Conferencing: Give your team the ability to communicate easily and collaborate more with conferencing tools available with the iPECS UCP.
  • Smartphone Use: Using the iPECS UC mobile client, you can access the power of the iPECS UC, wherever you are using your iPhone or Android Smartphone.
  • Video Communication: The UCP allows users to take part in video calls and video conferences through the smartphone application, the PC Client or from your handset.
  • Status Monitoring: With the UCP, you can see the status and availability of your colleagues who are connected to the system. If someone is in the middle of a call, is in Do Not Disturb mode, or is busy from 13:00 to 14:30 and more, you will know. Presence Monitoring allows your workers to stay connected.
  • Instant Messaging: Using Instant Messaging, users of the UCP are able to communicate with each other effortlessly and quickly. Sending someone a quick instant messaging is easier and can save time, compared to calling someone for a simple query.
  • Integration with Office Applications: iPECS Unified Comms is easily integrated into standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lync or Click-to-Dial software. It also integrates with SOS and LEX.

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