Click to Dial Software from Fenix Solutions

PHONE-LINK is a fantastic application that is easy to use. It will fully integrate the power of the Ericsson-LG iPECS phone system onto your desktop. With desktop control of your iPECS, you can then use the power of the iPECS platform from applications you use every day.

You can "Click to dial" from Outlook, make a screen pop your CRM system, and see your teams presence and easily transfer calls all from your Windows desktop. Here at Fenix we think PHONE-LINK is a must have application.

Enhance Productivity

PHONE-LINK allows you to complete tasks from your desktop with on-screen dialing and screen pop. Making telephony a fully integrated part of all of your business processes means you can help the rest of your office team be more productive. Enhance productivity by:

  • Quickly directing calls to available colleagues by checking their presence and knowing that you can reach them
  • Dialing straight from your CRM, accounts package, website or any desktop application
  • Access callers details before the call is even answered, match the caller ID with their database records
  • Quick Message your colleagues without disturbing them with a call
  • Update colleagues on your current availability and activity with simple status updates

Video Explaining Phone Link Benefits

Below we have included a short video on the benefits of using Phone Link.

Improving Customer Care

When your customers or contacts call you, database records can be instantly popped onto your screen, based on the incoming number being matched with the database records.

This will help you build affinity with the caller and you will save time in trying to discover who the caller is. You can immediately start processing orders, noting actions or initiating a business process based on the caller’s needs.


PHONE-LINK is designed to make the move from telephone-based call control to screen-based call control an easy transition. New users can get used to on-screen call control with many of the features and functions of the telephone replicated in an on-screen application.

As users become more confident, call control is increasingly integrated into the business processes and applications people work with. Call control just becomes an extension of the application and desktop environment.

Easy Installation

PHONE-LINK is designed to be easily installed when you implement your iPECS system, or as a simple upgrade to your current iPECS system. The PHONE-LINK server requires only a simple PC and can be on a shared computer for small office installations.

The client offers a simple wizard-driven setup on each PC with only basic configuration settings required. Thanks to the simple site-based licencing model, all users of the iPECS can easily access the full functionality of PHONE-LINK for an initial one off-site licence based on the iPECS Call Server.

Cost Savings with Click to Dial Software

Just a few seconds saved on each call can create big savings in costs for your business. With PHONE-LINK you can complete calls more quickly as the system finds customer records and database files for you.

Deliver costs savings in your business by:

  • Shortening call lengths and saving on call costs
  • Reducing the number of staff required to handle calls
  • Reduce the number of lines you require as call duration reduce
  • Application Integration

Ease of integration is at the heart of the PHONE-LINK solution. Using simple integration wizards pre-configured into the software set up, PHONE-LINK can ensure your application is working with your iPECS telephone system quickly and easily.

Making sure your desktop applications are fully integrated into your iPECS telephony ensures you can achieve the productivity and customer service gains you want. The following table provides a quick and easy reference of the supported applications

If you would like to find out more about how this application "click to dial" software can help your business, call the number below and ask to speak with one of our experienced account managers.​