Call Statistics – Call Reporting Software

In a typical working day, a business will make and receive phone calls. Having the benefit of a call statistic's application can show a business a lot of useful information.

This includes important information such as the number of calls made or answered by each person in the business, the number of calls that were missed, and also quickly shows you the busy periods for calls in your business.

Which Call Reporting is Best For Your Business?

The type of call reporting software that you need will depend on the type of telephone system that you have. if you have a traditional phone system such as a Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic etc, then you will need to add on a call reporting system.

Here at Fenix Solutions we use Oak call reporting as it is we believe the best in the industry. The costs for this will vary and will depend on mow many users there are, how many lines your business has and what level of call reporting detail you want to have.

Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to find out more information about call reporting for traditional types of phone systems.

Call Reporting for Hosted (Cloud) Phone Systems

More and more businesses are moving their phone system to the cloud. Here at Fenix Solutions we work with Ericsson LG to bring you the best in quality.

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    Do missed calls cost your business money and opportunity?
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    Do you take orders over the phone?
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    Do you make sales calls?
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    Do you offer telephone support?
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    Do employees undertake credit control by phone?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions icall call statistics from Fenix Solutions is the solution your business needs to improve communications, save money & increase revenue.

How Can the icall Suite Help Your Business?

We recommend that to consider increasing the return on your communications investment by using icall suite call statistics from Fenix Solutions. It is worth considering the following business questions:

Missed Call Reporting

The average UK company loses £12,000 a year due to missed calls. 85% of customers will never call back if their call isn’t answered. They will simply go to the next option – your competitor.

Imagine if you never missed a call again. With icall this is the reality. We have many examples of where missed call reporting has helped our customers increase revenue.

Business Analytics

Our reporting tools will help you understand the peak hours and less busy times your customers call. This enables you to ensure you are staffed to the optimum level, without overstaffing, to deliver a premier service to your customers.

Video Explaining iCall Suite Call Reporting

Just below we have included a video that explains how this call reporting suite is a comprehensive tool to use that will help you understand the telephony needs of your business.

Call Evaluation

It’s inevitable that businesses have a range of employees that perform at different levels. Our Call Reporting Software can help bring all of your staff up to the level of your highest performers.

By recording calls, you can train and evaluate your staff using your star employees as examples on how calls should be handled. Additionally, it’s also easy to show staff where they are going wrong and how they can improve.


In a surprisingly high amount of industries call recording is a mandatory requirement. With icall suite, you can ensure your company is compliant with all of the latest industry regulation regarding call recording with everything else icall can offer for no extra cost.

Automated Dialing

If you undertake outbound calling, you can double the number of calls made without the cost of hiring more staff. Double the amount of calls, double the amount sales, with zero increase in wages.

Computer Telephony Integration

icall will help bridge the gap between your computer and your phone. Read a customer’s call history as you are on the phone with them.

This type of call reporting, along with call recording can give you a lot of information about the communications in your business, and here at Fenix Solutions we strongly recommend having both reporting and recording of calls, all of which come with our Hosted Cloud Phone Systems from LG.