Panasonic KX-NS700

If you are looking to reduce your operational and capital costs through a high-quality, flexible communications system. Then the new smart hybrid IP PBX KX-NS700 from Panasonic is the one for you.

Specifically designed with small/medium enterprises in mind the KX-NS700 is a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system for companies with up to 250 users in a single site that can be flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions.

One Flexible Solution - Multiple Communication Capabilities

Call Centre Solution

The KX-NS700 is designed to support the needs of supervisors, with rich features such as queue announcements, live status monitoring, activity reports, automatic conversation recording and Network Attached Storage (NAS).


KX-NS700 is designed to grow with your business. The system is completely expandable, with simple optional cards and expansion cabinets. Ultimately protecting your initial investment by allowing you to retain your KX-NS700 in the future when you are looking to increase capacity.

Smart Hybrid System

The KX-NS700 allows your business to construct a hybrid system that combines both IP and legacy lines, and can connect to IP phones in a remote office, further reducing your overall communication costs.Additionally, VoIP capabilities mean you can talk to remote offices, wherever they might be, without incurring telephone charges

Advanced,Rich Features

The system starts from only 6 extensions with expansion units. It is also a unified communications system which come packed with rich IP features, such as mobile pairing, integrated voicemail and email, instant messaging, presence information and much more.

Panasonic KX-NS700 Industry Applications


Panasonic understand that to deliver outstanding customer service in the hospitality sector, your staff need the support of effective and always-available communications technology.

KX-NS700 is designed to offers both. Comprehensive system management, PC integration and the flexibility to provide mobile communications throughout your business .


In healthcare environments having a consistent, clear line of communications is crucial. 

The KX-NS700 is a solution that allows your staff to access easy-to-use technology and remain in constant contact with other team members and patients or residents, wherever they are. Equally valuable is its ability to integrate with your existing care applications, such as emergency call systems.

The KX-NS700 is perfect for supporting office functions across your business.

The KX-NS700 incorporates mobile telephony, desk-based phones and highly configurable voicemail systems to ensure that staff stay connected, wherever they’re working. Combined, they improve functionality, reduce costs, simplify administration and enhance customer service.

Download Panasonic KX-NS700 Brochure

Panasonic Handsets 


Key Features:

  • 1-Line Backlit LCD Display
  • 8 flexible CO buttons
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Eco Mode
  • Available in black and white 


Key Features:

  • 4.4 Backlit LCD Display
  • 36 freely programmable function keys
  • High quality voice 
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • POE


Key Features:

  • 6-Line Backlit LCD Display
  • 12 x 3 self labelling, flexible CO Buttons
  • POE 
  • Echo Mode
  • Available in black & white

Digital Phones


Key Features:

  • 1-Line Graphical LCD with backlighting
  • 8 freely programmable function keys
  • Speaker Phone
  • Available in black and white


Key Features:

  • 6-line Graphical LCD with backlighting
  • 24 Freely programmable keys
  • Speaker Phone
  • Available in black and white


Key Features:

  • 3-Line Graphical LCD with backlighting
  • 24 Freely programmable keys
  • Speaker Phone
  • Available in black and white

DECT Phones


Key Features:

  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Message Waiting indicator
  • Soft Keys
  • Phone Book memory
  • Local or Network Intercom


Key Features:

  • Simultaneous outside lines
  • VoIP Support
  • 1.8 colour LCD screen
  • Noise Reduction Functionality
  • Eco Mode


Key Features:

  • 1.8 colour LCD screen with backlighting
  • HD Audio
  • Phone Book
  • Call Memory
  • Soft Keys