Call Recording Northern Ireland

Award winning Record provides a complete extension and line solution packed with features to search, record and play recordings.

See how effectively you are dealing with your customers and get the information you need to drive constant change and improvement.

Call Recording

With modern technology it feels like there are endless ways of communicating with your customers. However, communication over the phone is still considered to be the most valuable and personal method of communication in Northern Ireland.

When you think about it every call made and received by your business, is a wealth of valuable information and in today’s market making use of this information can be the difference between getting and retaining a customer’s business.

That’s why if communicating effectively with your customers over the phone is vital to your business, you may want to consider call recording and or, call logging.


Resolve Disputes

Using a dedicated call recording package allows you not only to record your employee’s interactions with customers; it also acts as a safety net if a dispute ever arises. This can be simply and quickly achieved by extracting what was agreed from your call recordings to check what exactly was agreed, protecting your business from potential law suits and expensive legal fees. Think of your call recording system as a valuable insurance policy.

Demonstrate Compliance

Having a call recording facility shows that your organisation is compliant with FCA compliance and PCI DSS regulations to mask financial and credit card details

Monitor Customer Service

It is said that it can be twice as expensive to attract a new customer compared to retaining an existing one; this is why exceptional customer service is essential in modern business. Using call recording provides fantastic insight into the level of customer service your employees are providing. This information can then be used to improve customer service in the future

Improve Performance

Chances are you know what an ideal conversation between your staff sounds like. Call recording can be used to help train staff to ensure that your inbound and outbound calls are being conducted in a professional manner that is consistent with the values and procedures of your business.

Simplified Sharing

Using call recording ensures you never miss a detail of important conference calls with clients, partners and colleagues. It also allows simple sharing of these meeting recording via email, that way everyone can be kept up to speed with what is happening in the organisation.


Here at Fenix we understand how valuable call recording solutions can be to our customers. That is why we offer Oak’s flagship call recording solutions, Record X.

RecordX is a Comms Business award winning call recording solution, packed with innovative features to search, record, play and archive telephone calls. Leading edge web technologies ensure that RecordX is the most powerful yet easiest to use solution available today.

RecordX works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better telesales techniques.

Whether you need to capture and retrieve recordings for regulatory compliance, or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction, RecordX meets all your needs. It works with all technologies – ISDN, SIP and VoIP – in whatever combination you desire.

Agent Call Evalution

Allows performance monitoring ensuring the best possible levels of customer service.

FCA Complient

RecordX meets all FCA compliance needs

PCI DSS Complient

Record X supports many options to allow you to mask credit card details

Database Integration

Record X can Link valuable customer information to your recordings for simple search and playback


RecordX makes recording on SIP trunks and IP extensions possible using one integrated solution

Fixed Mobile

RecordX allows fixed line, Extension and Mobile recording in a single integrated solution.


Modern business is become more and more analytics driven and your business communications system is no exception. Call logging facilitates the collection of in depth metrics of phone call data, and allows users to use this information to evaluate their employees efficiency on the phone with customers.

Call logging is the perfect way for customer service driven businesses harness the power of big data to evaluate performance related to average call timing, call volume analytics and call distribution over time.

Reduce Costs

Using call logging management you can minimise your businesses phone bill by by generating reports that show the phone calls you made, by number, call duration, which extension made the call. Allowing you to identify areas for improvement in your communications strategy.

Hacking Prevention

Call logging can protect your business against hacking fraud by identifying and stopping any irregular call patterns before damage any real damage can be done.

Sales Team Optimisation

Call logger allows you to monitor and evaluate your sales team’s performance by measuring their efficiency through call duration and call regularity. Making it easier to identify who your top performers are and who might need additional training.

Major Accounts 

Looking after major clients is always important. Call logging management allows you to create lists of your major accounts holders and identify calls specific calls to and from them in simple to read report.


As a trusted Oak reseller we also supply Oaks flagship call logging solution ReportX. ReportX is Logging product that allows users to the harness the power of analytics to identify you how efficiently and effectively they are at dealing with your customers.

Report X delivers data you need to drive constant improvement. It’s reporting capabilities are unrivalled; and are so comprehensive, flexible and easy to use that you will soon see measurable results throughout your business.

ReportX can increase customer satisfaction by helping you ensure that all calls are answered quickly and directed to the correct department first time.

Cost Control

ReportX allows you to manage and control business expenditure

Fast Response 

ReportX helps minimise call answer times helping with customer retention

Traffic Analysis

ReportX allows you to Stay informed by making live call stats available on large screen displays.

Fraud Detection

Cuts off unusual call activity so any fraud costs can be minimised.

Wallboard Display

Monitoring line usage allows for the correct number of lines to be determined.

Directory Integration

Simplify user log-in procedures with active directory integration